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House Extensions and Alterations

Truss alteration

House Extensions And Alterations

Given the tension between high house prices and affordability, many homeowners choose to improve, extend and/or alter their existing home, rather than move. Equally, house purchasers may find and want to buy a house in a great location then remodel it to suit their specific needs.

Either way, although single or multi-storey house extensions and the alterations they involve typically mean quite a lot of upheaval, well-designed or properly managed, they can be the most cost-effective way to get the home you want. Involving an architect will give you the best chance of getting a house that suits your current and future needs.

Our work generally involves high end extensions to create superb family space with lots of light and direct connections to the garden. We incorporate plenty of storage, features like vaulted ceilings and even basements.

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