Designing For Development

We work closely with developers who are able to translate the value of good design into profitable developments. Our 3D Design work gives them confidence in the accuracy of the design and helps them understand how to get the best value from each site.

We are able to combine great concept skills with world class technical expertise in BIM at construction stage.  We are skilled at involving the client and being creative within the brief, but we also listen to clients needs and relate our design concepts to end value. Our concepts are presented using clear graphics to aid speed of understanding.

Planning Consent

We truly understand the value of a good planning consent and are able to combine our concept work with an excellent knowledge of the planning process. That means we can present schemes to planners in their language using policy arguments that address local and national policies, often without any need to engage planning consultants.

How Developers Can Benefit From 4D Design

Our concept designs are based on quick massing options in 3D, enabling easy analysis of the site, floor areas, volumes.

Because our 3D design work is accurate, we also know that we can retain the value of a hard won planning consent through the technical design stage without significant design changes.We are able to take the lead on projects, obtain a great planning consent and get it built without losing the value already gained due to poor cost control because our systems help us maintain the design intent and cost control right through the complex process of designing, documenting and building. We have developed our own thorough and complete specification system, which is a world leading BIM system, that provides accurate and complete information for pricing reducing on site changes and unplanned costs.