Contemporary Commercial Architecture

Whilst the majority of our work is residential, we also undertake commercial work for private clients who appreciate the stylish design and attention to detail which characterise jhd architecture. Over the years we have worked on care homes (especially for residents with dementia), GP surgeries, rugby and cricket clubs, an Inuit school and a luxury holiday village in Spain.

The size of the project is not important; what really matters is a meeting of minds between the client and us. Our dedication to designing light, spacious homes with masses of ‘wow’ factor applies equally to commercial schemes, where we strive to create light, interesting spaces that are inspirational to work in and easy to navigate. Access for all is central to our philosophy, as are imaginative colour schemes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crucial for partially sighted users.

Modern Sustainable Dementia Care Home Design

We recently completed a major extension to Hartley House Care Home in Cranbrook, Kent to meet the already high and rapidly rising demand for well-designed care home spaces for elderly people in general, and for people with dementia in particular.

Our scheme is informed by the international consensus that design for dementia sufferers should:

  • Compensate for impairments
  • Maximise independence
  • Enhance residents’ self-esteem and confidence
  • Demonstrate care for staff
  • Be orientating and understandable
  • Reinforce personal identity
  • Welcome relatives and the local community
  • Offer spaces that work both for sedentary residents and active care staff

Attention to detail is the key to success. Health and safety issues must be managed in conjunction with the needs, demands and daily routines of residents, visitors and staff and the contractor’s programme of work must be carefully thought through to minimise disruption. Great attention must be paid to detailing specifications, finishes and fittings to ensure that all those using the building not only enjoy it, but can do so safely.

Care homes use a lot more energy than normal residential properties due to the high internal temperatures required and the large amount of laundry. We have therefore also incorporated many modern sustainable design features to reduce our client’s energy bills. For more detail, see the Project portfolio below.

The Hartley House project has led to two more. Barton Court is awaiting planning consent, but the idea of introducing a “Street” into care home design has attracted attention from the specialist press who published an article about the design.

The “Internal Street” Idea

We want to create spaces that give people more choice about how they wish to spend their day. Many care homes have long featureless corridors so typical of institutional buildings, with rooms that are only used for single uses such as “The Dining Room”. The same rooms also have limited space for groups of residents to talk together or for their families to talk to them when visiting. That discourages residents from taking control of their own lives, relying instead on staff to bring everything to them in their chair.

Contemporary Extensions to Rugby and Cricket Clubs

We were delighted when Sevenoaks Rugby Club invited us to extend and alter their clubhouse. Working within a tight budget, we extended the clubhouse to provide additional changing rooms and new function room, upgraded the changing rooms to RFU standards including disabled access and referee changing facilities and helped the management prepare bids for RFU funding.

Similarly, we advised Leigh Cricket Club on refurbishing the exterior and interior of their 50 year-old pavilion to bring it more into line with its natural surroundings and modern sports needs. Our new clubhouse design is contemporary but in style sympathetic to the traditional Kent village green setting.

Modern GP Surgery Design

Over the years, we have extended and altered many GP surgeries; indeed Tim Wimbledon practice was retained to advise not only doctors but also managers at Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth Area Health Authority, the primary healthcare authority for the area at the time. Tim won two awards for his surgery designs, one of which was for the design of the first NHS walk-in centres in the country at St Georges Hospital Tooting which was noted for its combination of well designed disabled access, tight security control and use of colour for easy navigation and as an aid to partially sighted people

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