BIM Capability


BIM Is About Information

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, however we believe that the true power of BIM is harnessed by extracting the data held in the BIM model and using it to manage the project better. It’s all about “Information” – gathering, storing and exchanging of information, within a construction environment, in the most efficient way, through its whole life cycle. The BIM model is created by the design and construction team collaboratively using a coherent set of data rich 3D computer models instead of separate sets of 2D drawings and specifications. This approach ensures that the project has a fully coordinated and accurate set of construction documentation.

Why Have We Adopted BIM?

To give our clients a world-class service. By adopting BIM we can help our clients bring their projects to life and push design boundaries to create better projects. It is widely recognised that much of the cost of buildings is incurred during its operating life. BIM offers invaluable information to end-users to manage the lifetime costs of a building adding significant value to our service. BIM increases productivity, reduces project time and energy use costs, and tangibly improves the end product.

jhd Architects BIM objectives

To forge closer, longer- term relationships with clients who value the benefits of BIM. We want to lead rather than follow the BIM revolution thus stimulating new efficiencies, innovation and opportunities for all those with whom we work. We need to be at the forefront of this new way of working to maintain our position.

What Does BIM Look Like?

If you would like to see example files show the information that can be extracted from a BIM model, please email us and we will send you examples. See also our video on our 3D design page for a taster