“Architects Pay For Themselves”

“Architects Pay For Themselves”

That’s a quote from a recent interview with Kevin McCloud, based upon his years of experience not only with Grand Designs, but also helping to judge the RIBA Awards. We believe in the value we bring to our clients and that the fee proportion you spend on design enhances the value of the finished building not only financially, but in terms of your day to day enjoyment of your building.

Personality and Relationship

To achieve good design and good buildings, the relationship between the client and architect has to be excellent. You both need to trust each other completely, so that when things go wrong, as they always do at some stage in a building project, you can work together to resolve them.

When you talk to a potential Architect, how well do you get on? How well do they communicate? Do they listen and empathise with your ideas and needs? Do you have a good rapport?

Experience and Track Record

Make sure that any architect you speak to is properly qualified. Architectural services companies and people who offer to draw up plans are not generally able to provide the same level or quality of service as a qualified architect. Architects undertake 7 years of training before qualifying and, to be RIBA members, are obliged to maintain their knowledge by undertaking continuing professional development in current and emerging design and construction techniques. Qualified architects are extremely competent and committed to what they do. It is equally valid to choose a young architect whose fresh radical ideas you like or an older architect whose greater experience you value.

3D Modelling

Architects generally make extensive use of computers in their work, both to draw and also to prepare specifications and schedules. However, not all architects use 3D computer modelling which we think helps clients form a better picture in their mind of what the building will actually look like. If this is important to you, check that your architect offers 3D modelling services.