Our Approach


Contemporary Architects

Whilst every job is different, we approach it with the same passion, energy and design ethos. We are contemporary – modern – architects meaning that, whether building a new house from scratch, extending a listed building, altering or renovating a traditional  house or adding a basement, our designs maximise the potential for light and space, connect ‘inside and out’, combine old and new, and try to create the feel of  being on holiday – at home. Its really all about your living requirements; the design follows that. Our modern contemporary approach creates enjoyable and functional spaces – with a wow factor. For us, luxury is about attention to detail, not about spending a fortune.

Where we are designing in the context of existing buildings we often use traditional materials in a contemporary way with to avoid a pastiche. We don’t try to recreate old looking buildings in the 21st century. However our designs often incorporate traditional elements such as pitched roofs and brick walls contrasted with contemporary interior design ideas such as open planning and double height spaces. We also like exposing timber structure and brick internally as well as creating interesting staircases. Some times a bay window with a window seat might be appropriate. Large external doors and windows in the south elevations also add to the design feel and help bring the garden into the building as well as sun and daylight.

Green Architects

As well as enhancing wellbeing, our sustainable architecture respects the environment. We are ‘green architects’ in the sense that we create buildings that harmonize with the site’s natural features and have minimal impact on the environment. Our sustainable approach varies depending on the project and the client, but typically includes specifying high levels of insulation, renewable energy solutions, rainwater harvesting and conservation systems, and ‘green’ building materials.

The orientation of the building is vital. Large South facing glazed windows can result in overheating and the need for expensive window treatments to block out the sun. Our schemes are designed to benefit – not suffer – from solar gain. Positioning the building on the site to maximise the opportunities to benefit from solar heating, whilst not forgetting the view, is another hallmark of what we do, as are carefully conceived ventilation and heat recovery solutions to achieve comfortable temperatures all year round.  The result is a building that uses as little energy as possible. We keep on top of fast-moving government legislation to provide our clients with this level of design expertise and to give them best advice.

Modern Sustainable Architecture

In summary, regardless of project type, site or budget, whether you are looking for an architect to design your new contemporary house, an extension to your existing traditional or listed building, a luxury basement, pool, or outdoor living space we will work with you to create modern, sustainable architecture for easy 21st century living.