Camber Sands Beach House

Camber Sands Beach House

We recently completed this project to renew the beach front facade of a house built in the 80’s. The original facade had timber windows split by lots of wide frames and these restricted the views of the beach and sea beyond. They had also rotted and were letting in water.

Our solution was to renew the facade using a system supplied by Fineline Aluminium, with whom we have worked several times before. Their system has very slim framing and we have been able to improve the glass area substantially as you can see. Their product is also tried and tested in coastal locations.

We also created a small extension at ground floor and are using the roof as a decked balcony looking surrounded by clear glass balustrades so that the sea view is unobstructed from the first floor as well.

All construction drawings were drawn in 3D with the specification info embedded into the model, using BIMX on site to explain the design to the builder.


First Floor View To Beach












Completed Beach Elevation











Ground Floor Beach View