3D Working Drawings

3D Working Drawings

We work in 3D the majority of the time and create all our working details in 3D as the example below. You can see how this benefits clients here.

3D cutaway section detailed working drawing

BIM Construction Drawings

Traditionally, working details have always been drawn in 2D because it was easier. However because we are using Building Information Modelling (BIM), we effectively build the building inside the computer software first, so that when its built on site, as many of the problems have been resolved as possible. If we can draw the construction in 3D, then we know its buildable.

This particular detail is drawn to show a complex area of the building where we have worked out how the flat roof, steel frame, floor joists and external walls all intersect. This has then been integrated internally with the ceiling and lighting. Externally we have worked out how the sun shade and balcony fit onto the building as well.

This is what it’s like to use this on an iPad

This has meant a lot of time investment in our software skills but it really benefits everyone by saving time and money. It particularly reduces site variations to the minimum, allowing better control of time and cost on site.